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At Fenton Fire we have 47 used Tankers and Water Tenders listed.

Tanker trucks both new and used are our most popular selling fire truck. So many fire departments require lots of water for their firefighting needs and a water tender is a great way to supply lots of water to your fire ground. Whether you need a Pumper tanker or just a Water Tender, Fenotn Fire has many examples of each fire truck to offer up for sale to your fire department.

Used Fire Truck: 2017 Freightliner Tanker (T0960)
Why aluminum over poly you ask? Aluminum (lifetime warranty) vs Poly is: 2.98 times more dense (g/cm2) 62.72 times more elastic (GPA) 3.92 times more resistant to high temperature (° C) 20.83 times more rigid versus its weight (MN­m/kg) 2.12 times more strong versus its weight (kN­m/kg) 20.0 less fragile times at­40 ° F and +. 1.55 times faster unloading. 9.75 times more resistant to pressure from loading 6.30 times more elastic (MPa) Much safer thanks to its centre of gravity very low more easy maintenance. Much easier to repair and maintain. Tensile strength of polypropylene is 4,500 psi Tensile strength of aluminium is 44,000 psi
$ 174,500.00
Used Fire Truck: 2016 Kenworth Tanker 500/2000 (T0998)
2016 Kenworth Tanker for sale! Diesel Automatic seats 2
$ 225,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2016 Kenworth Tanker 500/2000 (T0977)
Stainless Steel Body Automatic Allison World 3000 EVS 6-speed Newton Swivel Dump w/ Extension Porta Tank Storage Hard Suction Storage Super-LED light heads Full Whelen Roof Lightbar Full NFPA LED Whelen 600 Series Emergency Lighting NFPA Reflective Graphics & Chevrons
Reduced Price
$ 228,800.00
Used Fire Truck: 2014 Freight liner 6X6 1000/4000/150 (T0976)
A 4000 gallon tanker for sale. Cummins ISL9 engine. 350 HSP. Fuller 10 Speed trans. High and low range transfer case. Double steel frame. Excellent Good year rubber. Diff/lock un-lock rears with Full lockers. Hydraulically operated 22' tower tip height tower for remote Elkheart side winder fire cannon. Draft capability . Side compartment storage. LED light bar. Rear works lights. Siren package.
Reduced Price
$ 169,500.00
Used Fire Truck: 2013 International Tanker 3300 (T0969)
2013 International Automatic 300HP Air Ride 3300 GALLONS
$ 129,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2012 International 4 GUYS 1500 Gallon Tanker (T0995)
Check out this very clean 2012 International Tanker with a 4 guys body. Diesel Automatic 215 HP Navistar seats 2
$ 88,500.00
Used Fire Truck: 2011 Kenworth Tanker 750/2000 (T0971)
Manufacture: Deep South 360 HP PX8 Allison Automatic AC
Sale Pending
Reduced Price
$ 168,500.00
Used Fire Truck: 2009 International Tanker truck /3500 (T0943)
International Durastar 4300 Chassis Seating for 3 fire fighters Camions Helie Fire Body MaxxForce DT 475 HP Diesel Engine Automatic Transmission Air Suspension Aluminum Wheels Longitudinal baffle Welded­side driver with 1 "recoil Door facing upwards Whelen lighting system ­ Perimeter lights ­ Scene lights Bar Justice Reflective strips ­ Rear chevrons NFPA ­ Pare shock ultra rugged reflective & non­slip Scale within the gateway support ­ Anode ­Lighting of the LED chests ­ Rearview with 7 '' colour screen camera & sound ­ Hooks front & rear ­ Sliding drawer ­ Heating Input for portable pump Battery charger ­ Kussmaul auto eject & air eject
$ 117,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2009 International Tanker 1500/2000 (T0954)
A used fire tanker for sale. International 7500 2-Door Chassis Diesel Engine Automatic Transmission Battery charger ­Kussmaul auto eject & air eject Rearview with 7 '' colour screen camera & sound Hooks front & rear ­ Sliding drawer ­ Whelen lighting system Perimeter lights ­ Scene lights ­ Bar Justice ­ Reflective strips ­Rear chevrons NFPA ­ Pare shock ultra rugged reflective & non­slip ­ Scale within the gateway support ­ Anode ­Lighting of the LED chests Heating ­Input for portable pump ­
$ 99,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2005 International tanker 500/2000 (T0984)
A tanker truck for sale with 2000 gallons. Navistar DT530 Diesel Motor 300HP Automatic New LED Emergency Lighting with Whelen Siren Sale Includes New Pump Test Free Delivery $1500 Travel Incentive 60 Day Bumper to Bumper Warranty - Parts Only
Sale Pending
$ 121,800.00
Used Fire Truck: 2005 E-One Cyclone II Stainless steel 2000/1250 (E3263)
Super Clean 2005 E-One Cyclone II for sale with low miles. Detroit Diesel Series 60 475 horse power Allison Automatic (EVS4000P) Air Conditioning Seating for 6 FireFighters SCBA seating for 5 Shoreline Air w/ auto-eject On-Spot Snow Chains Set of regular chains Fire-Com Head sets w/ wireless driver set. Data 911 System 1500' of 5" LDH Crossfire Safe-Tek Deck Gun --TFT Nozzle --Stack of tips (2) 6" Hard Suction 35' Ladder 14' Roof Ladder 10' Closet Ladder Assortment of Hydrant/Spanner wrenches Lights, Sirens, Electronic-Q.
Reduced Price
$ 225,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2003 INTERNATIONAL TANKER 500 /2000 (T0987)
Sale Pending
$ 125,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2002 Saulsbury Freightliner Pumper Tanker 2250/2500 (T0978)
2002 Saulsbury Freightliner Rescue Pumper TankerFreightliner FL112 Chassis Seating for 5; 4 SCBA seats Saulsbury Fire Body Cummins ISM 400 HP Diesel Engine Allison HD4060 Automatic Transmission Engine Brake Hale 8FG 2250 GPM Side-Mount Pump 2500 Gallon Polypropylene Tank Foam Pro Foam System 2001 40 Gallon Foam Cell Driver's Side Discharges: 1 - 3" Driver's Side Suction: 1 - 2.5", 1 - 6" Officer's Side Discharge: 1 - 3", 1 - 4" Officer's Side Suction: 1 - 2.5", 1 - 6" Rear Discharges: 2 - 2.5", 1 - 4" Rear Suction: 1 - 4" Direct Tank Fill Elkhart Deck Gun 10" Left and Right Dump Chutes Generac 8KW Gas Generator Heated Mirrors (1) 200' Electric Reel (2) 10,500PSI Hydraulic Reels Front Bumper Battery Charger Air Conditioning Aluminum Hose Bed Cover Backup Camera Ground Ladders: 32', 28', 24' Ext 200 CFM Pneumax CAFS System Topside Coffin Compartments LED Lighting 4 - 110v Scene Lights
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Used Fire Truck: 2002 HME 1250/1000 (E2997)
â?¢ Stainless Steel Body â?¢ Cummins Diesel Engine â?¢ Hale TPM Governor â?¢ MIVâ??s Left & Right â?¢ Jump Cab Seating for (3) Three â?¢ Medical Cabinet in 4th Position â?¢ Enclosed Ladder Storage â?¢ Dunnage area Storage
Reduced Price
$ 59,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2001 Spartan 2000/1300/500/200 Foam Pumper
2001 Spartan/Saulsbury Stainless Steel 8 man Cab�?�5 SCBA Code 3 Light Package Air Horns Mechanical Siren Air Conditioning Detroit Diesel Series 60 12.7 Liter 6 cylinder turbo Charged 430HP engine 641 engine hours Allison Automatic Trans Jake Brake 68 gal fuel tank
Reduced Price
$ 250,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2001 Peterbilt 357 Chassis 1250/2500 (T0828)
Cummins ISM, 370-HP Diesel Engine Allison HD4560P AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Code 3 Siren with 100-watt speaker Whelen LED Warning Light Package Chevron pattern, rear 2-Door
$ 206,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1999 Mack Tanker 500/3000 (T0780)
** EXCELLENT CONDITION** Mack diesel motor with 470 horse power 12 Speed Transmission Aluminum Alcoa Rims On Spot Chains LED Perimeter Lighting Vector Light Bar
Reduced Price
$ 87,500.00
Used Fire Truck: 1997 Peterbuilt Tanker /1800 (E3098)
6 speed cat motor new body in 2007 put on used chassis 3 10�?? dumps enclosed drop tank holder on spot chains .
Sale Pending
Reduced Price
$ 35,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1997 HME Pumper/Tanker 1250/3000 (E3209)
M11 Cummins Allison Automatic 4 Man Cab 3 SCBA seats New Whelen LED Warning Lights
Sale Pending
$ 95,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1996 KME Pumper Tanker 1500/1200 (T0656)
Cummins Diesel Motor Allison Automatic Trans Seats 6 4 SCBA Seats Tires 80% Chevron Rear End Striping & Rear Arrow Squirl Tail Pre connected hard suction 4-SCBA Bottle Storage Approx/ 800ft of cross lay storage 1-14' Alco-Lite roof ladder 1-24' Alco-Lite extension ladder 1-10' Alco-Lite attic ladder 4.5'' x 6" female adapter 1-2.5''x6'' female adapter 1-9' Maxiflex hard suction low level strainer 1-Elkhart "Stinger" monitor w/1.375" 1.5", 1.75", & 2" stacked tips w/extended gun truck/ground mount 500 Portable quartz light 200' of booster hose reel w/nozzle 2- streamlights "Lightbox" had lights
$ 145,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1995 Pumper Tanker 500/1200 (T0881)
International 4900 DT 466 Diesel motor 6 speed manual Seats 3 firefighters AC hand tools ladder hose hard suction hose fold a tank exhaust fan will stay on truck two flash lights
Reduced Price
$ 40,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1995 KME PUMPER TANKER 1750/1800 (E2977)
Allison transmission Detroit diesel 8V92 450 hp Full tilt 6 man cab Rear tires 315 x 22.5 95% Hydraulic ladder rack
Reduced Price
$ 54,500.00
Used Fire Truck: 1994 Ford Aeromax /3500 (T0986)
A used fire tanker for sale Series 60 Detroit Diesel, Rockwell 9 speed. Truck was an over the road truck so that why the mileage is higher. No known mechanical issues. Runs and drives good. All other equipment in pictures is not included.
$ 35,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1992 GMC Pumper Tanker 1500/1000 (E3308)
A really nice pumper tanker for sale! Inspection and pump test records available upon request. 250 HP Cat Motor 5 Speed Manual Transmission 1 - 3 section - 35' extension ladder 2 - 6" x 10' Hard Suction
$ 18,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1992 E-ONE GMC Topkick 1000/1250 (E3313)
Used E-One Top Kick fire truck for sale! Diesel Automatic (Allison MT643) Seats 3 Firefighters
$ 19,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1991 Spartan Gladiator 1500/2000 (E3083)
Detroit series 60 - 450 hp Automatic tranny seats 6 fire fighters 5 SCBAS Aluminum body 16 compartments New LED lights
$ 45,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1991 International Tactical Tender 750/2000 gallon (T0991)
2000 gallon tanker for sale! Diesel Engine Eaton 10 speed Manual Seats 2 firefighters Includes firefighting equipment necessary for effective wildland firefighting - hoses, connectors etc too numerous to mention - also includes porta tank. If interested can provide inventory sheet.
$ 27,900.00
Used Fire Truck: 1991 Internation 4900 500/1600 (T0980)
1991 International Tanker for sale. Diesel Manual Trans. Seats 2
$ 45,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1989 International  1000/1650 (E2833)
seats 10 fire fighters Cummins NTC-350 8 speed Road Ranger transmission 12' roof ladder, 28' extension ladder, 10' folding ladder, 10' fiberglass pike pole, 4 hand light charges in cab, onspot chains two night fighter scene lights. Pump and hose were tested and certified this year.
Reduced Price
$ 65,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1989 GMC/E-One Pumper Tanker 1000/1250 (E3198)
8.2 GM/Detroit Automatic Transmission LED Warning Lights Air Brakes
$ 24,500.00
Used Fire Truck: 1987 INTERNATIONAL HUB S2600 1250/3000 (T0985)
A used tanker for sale. Diesel 300HP AUTOMATIC Seats 3 firefighters (2) 10'x 6" hard suction and strainer (1) 40' Extension ladder (1) 24' Extension ladder (1) 14' Roof Ladder (1) 20' Pike pole (2) 14' Pike poles (2) Akron LED flood lights
Sale Pending
$ 38,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1985 Ford F-8000 750/1700 (E3123)
Seats 2 fire fighters CAT 3208 Diesel 285 5 Speed with 2 Speed rear end
$ 15,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1984 Mack MC686FCS 1000/3000 (T0979)
A Mack fire tanker for sale. Diesel Engine Allison HT-740D seats 5 firefighters
Reduced Price
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Used Fire Truck: 1983 White Tanker 500/3000 (T0992)
This is a really nice 3000 gallon tanker! Detroit Diesel 6V92T Allison HT 754 Automatic
$ 42,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1983 Pierce Dash 1000/2000 (T0993)
A really clean 1983 Pierce Dash Tanker for sale. Detroit Diesel Allison Automatic Air Horns Code 3 Lightbar Southern VP siren with 200-watt speakers
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Used Fire Truck: 1983 American General M-923 5-Ton Tanker (T0997)
Check out this 1983 American General Tanker for sale! 1983 American General M-923 5-Ton Tanker Cummins NHC 250 (855ci) Cylinder Diesel Engine 240 Horsepower 685 ft-lbf Torque Allison Automatic 5-Speed Transmission Selectable All Wheel Drive – High and Low Range Power Steering Air Brakes Less than 1000 miles on all tires 2500 Gallon Stainless Steel Baffled Tank 10” Newton Stainless Steel Dump Valve Hale HPX400-B18 X-Stream Transfer and Supply Pump-Drafting Capable with 6 Gallon Fuel Cell 90GPM@100PSI   500GPM@15PSI (3) 2 ½” Intakes (2) 2 ½” Discharges (1) 1 ½” Discharge Pre-Plumbed for (1) 2 ½” Discharge/Monitor at Front Bumper (1) 2 ½” Pre-connected Hose Storage Bin on Passenger Side (1) Hose Storage Bin on Driver Side (1) 10’ x 3’ Tool Storage Bin at Rear Light bar, Siren, Lighting Control Switchbox, Battery Maintainer, Battery Disconnect Switch, Air Horn, Front and Rear LED Emergency Lighting, Wheel Chocks, (3) Work Lights at Rear, (1) Work Light at Pump Panel 24 volt dc to 12 volt dc Conversion powers all Emergency Equipment Electronics Length: 25’7” Height: 9’8” Mileage: 23,824 Truck is in excellent condition and has been thoroughly maintained. For sale due to recent replacement by a new vacuum tanker. Buyer will also be provided with many new replacement parts (Belts, Hoses, Bearings, Seats, Starters, Alternators, Power Steering Pump, Radiator, New Tire/Wheel…)
$ 15,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1982 Pierce Pumper Tanker 1250/2500 (T0981)
Pierce Arrow cab seats 4 fire fighters 6V92 Detroit Allison automatic New tires New Rims
$ 35,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1982 Ford C8000 Pumper/Tanker 1000/2750 (T0989)
Nice 1982 Ford Tanker for sale. 2750 gallons and 1000 GPM Pump, very clean and ready to go into service! Year: 1982 Engine: Catapillar Diesel Transmission: Allison Automatic Brakes: Air 3 Person Commercial cab Emergency lights & siren Air horns Ladders: 24’ Ext., 10’ Folding Dry decking
$ 19,900.00
Used Fire Truck: 1981 Pierce International 1000/1200 (E3218)
1981 International Pierce body V8 gas motor Allison automatic transmission Air brakes Power steering tires are like new
$ 7,900.00