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At Fenton Fire we have 20 used New Listings listed.

Below you will find our selection of pre-owned, new fire trucks, vehicles, and related firefighting equipment that has been placed for sale on the website within the previous week. We update our New Listings daily, as new fire trucks come in often - so check back regularly. We also post fire trucks that have had a price reduction. Another great way to keep in touch with our arriving trucks is to sign up for our newsletter - located in the top right corner of the site. Browse our selection of Spartan fire trucks, Pierce fire trucks, and other used engines for sale below!

Used Fire Truck: 2013 Dodge Ram 3500 Rescue / Utility (R1843)
Nice rescue / utility truck for sale! Dodge 3500 Aluminum Body Automatic Diesel (Cummins) 4x4 A/C
$ 58,800.00
Used Fire Truck: 2012 Ford Hackney Rescue 4x4 (R1855)
$ 58,800.00
Used Fire Truck: 2010 Freightliner 6x6 Tanker 1000/3000 (T1016)
Allison Automatic Detroit Diesel Engine Brake Double Steel Frame Front cab operated fire cannon (1) Rear top spray (2) Front sprays (2) Rear sprays 10" quick dump w/ extension Hydrant fill 1" Electric Hose reel 300' Draft Capabilities Led Light bar Tank mounted scene lighting Rear floods (2) compartments w/ roll ups
$ 199,500.00
Used Fire Truck: 2006 Ford WILDLAND 1000 gallon(W0987)
A really clean 2006 Ford Wildland unit for sale! Diesel Automatic 2 wheel drive
$ 38,500.00
Used Fire Truck: 2006 E-One Heavy Rescue Pumper 500/300 (E3406)
A beautiful 2006 E-One Rescue Pumper for sale! Eone Heavy Rescue Cummins Diesel Automatic Seats 6 (5 SCBA)
$ 115,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2005 Chevy Suburban 4x4 (O0897)
A really clean 4x4 Chief truck / EMS unit for sale! 2005 Chevy Suburban 4x4 Rear climate control
$ 15,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2002 Freightliner Pumper 1250/1000/30 (E3408)
Check out this 2002 Freightliner pumper for sale! Freightliner FL80 Cummins Diesel Automatic Seats 5 (4 SCBA) 24' ladder 14' roof ladder 10' attic ladder 150' booster reel Portable scene lights 12,000 lb winch
$ 100,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2000 Spartan LTI 93 foot straight truck  (E3021)
60 series 500 hp Allison auto seats 8 fire fighters 5 scba seats jake brake A/C David Clark headsets 93 foot mid mount 2 monitors, one manual one remote control 1 anchor point each side for ropes GROUND LADDERS: 45 foot pole 2 x 35 foot 20 ext 2 x 14 roof 2 x 16 roof 10 attic little giant
Reduced Price
$ 125,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2000 Ford F450 Rescue 4x4 (R1842)
Check out this really clean 4x4 rescue for sale! Ford F450 diesel automatic front winch small light tower some equipment sold with truck
$ 40,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1998 Freightliner Rescue (R1856)
Check out this very clean 1998 Rescue for sale! 1998 Freightliner Rescue 8.3 Cummins Diesel Allison Automatic Transmission 61237 Miles 7079 Engine Hours Walk Around Rescue Body Breathing Air Cascade System Ramsey 12000# Winch Electric Air Hose Reel Numerous Slide-out Trays Pull-out Tool Boards
$ 69,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1995 Ford F350 4x4 Mini-Pumper / Wildland (W0988)
1995 Ford F350 Mini-pumper / wildland truck for sale! Diesel Automatic Front Winch Front Suction 1000 feet of 4" hose some 3" hose and tools included
$ 20,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1994 SIMON DUPLEX 75' LTI Quint 1750/500 (Q0918)
1994 Simon Duplex LTI 75 foot ladder truck for sale! Detroit Diesel Current annual pump and ladder test. All original manuals included. SCBA Seats 4 Hose bed for LDH On spot chains Some equipment and hose included.
$ 60,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1993/2007 Seagrave 105' Tower (Q0917)
Check out this really clean 1993 Seagrave Tower for sale! This rare beauty will fit in a 12' door! CURRENT LADDER CERTIFICATION 1993 Seagrave Cat Diesel (new) Allison Automatic Some LED Lighting 6 person custom cab 105’ Tower Platform Winch on platform Electric adjustable nozzle deck gun (remote) Total air conditioning Pullout tool boards Dry decking all compartments (8) Body side SCBA storage EXCELLENT OVERALL CONDITION!! Ladders: 35’ Ext., 24’ Ext., 18’ Roof , 16’ Roof, 14’ Roof, 14’ Folding, 10’ Folding Refurb 2007: New engine New Paint New Aluminum Wheels New Ladder Lift Cylinders New Tires Ladder Tower Refurbed.
$ 50,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1993 Pierce Lance Rescue Pumper 1500/500 (E3403)
Beautiful 1993 Rescue Pumper for sale, in amazing condition! Detroit Diesel Allison Automatic 4 Door, 8 person cab (SCBA 6) Ladders: 24’ Ext., 14’ Roof, 10’ Folding Loaded w/options Dry decking Pull out drawers Adjustable shelves Prepiped deck gun w/nozzle & portable base L.E.D. Strobe emergency lights Q2B siren Air horns Air ride seat Electric cab lift Air conditioning Cast aluminum wheels Onboard charging system Auto eject Shoreline air Extended front bumper w/storage/suction and bell Cab communication system Body storage for 16 SCBA bottles EXCELLENT OVERALL CONDITION!!
$ 34,900.00
Used Fire Truck: 1993 Ford Marion Walk-in Rescue (R1838)
Check out this beautiful walk-in rescue for sale with very low miles! 1993 Ford L-8000 18' Marion walk-in rescue body. Cummins Turbo Diesel Allison Automatic 2 Person Commercial Cab Air Conditioning (Cab and box) Large vertical compartments Dry decking Adjustable shelves Roll-out trays Hydraulic reel and line (18) SCBA bottle storage LED emergency lights & siren Air horns Air ride seats (2) Onboard charging system Shoreline air Extended front bumper w/storage 12,000 lb Ramsy winch Rescue Body: 10 Person Capacity 6 SCBA seats Command desk area Refrigerator Heat & AC Bright / well lit. THIS VEHICLE IS IN MINT CONDITION!
$ 34,900.00
Used Fire Truck: 1992/2006 Pierce Arrow Rescue Pumper 1500/750 (E3404)
Beautiful 1992 Rescue Pumper with a 2006 refurbishment for sale! 1992 Pierce Arrow Cummins Diesel Allison Automatic 4 Door, 4 person cab Roll out drawers Dry decking Adjustable shelves Hydraulic ladder rack Prepiped for deck gun Aluminum hose bed decking LED Arrow stick LED Emergency lights & siren Onboard compressor Shoreline air Auto eject Air ride seat Extended front bumper w/covered storage Cast aluminum wheels Portable foam inductors Cast aluminum wheels Tilt & telescope steering wheel 2006 Refurb: Body Restoration Total Paint Updated to LED Emergency lights Updated to Scene lights Cast aluminum wheels New Tires Pump & valve work
$ 19,900.00
Used Fire Truck: 1992 Pierce Lance 1750/1000 (E3409)
Beautiful 1992 Pierce pumper for sale! 1992 Pierce Lance Detroit Diesel Automatic Seats 6 ( SCBA 5) Included: Hard suction w/ strainer Flashlights Mallet 35' extension ladder 14' roof ladder 10' folding attic ladder Monitor
$ 15,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1985 Ford Pumper 1000/1000(E3405)
Check out this very clean 1985 Ford pumper with 1000 gpm and 1000 gallon tank! Very low miles! Ford LN9000 Detroit Turbo Diesel Manual Transmission (2) 5" hard suction
$ 30,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1982 Sutphen Pumper 1500/500 (E3410)
A beautiful 1982 Sutphen Pumper for sale! 1982 Sutphen Detroit Diesel Automatic Seats 4 (3 SCBA) emergency equipment Air pack seats Exclude mars lights Exclude mech siren Air ride driver seat Pumper in great condition for age. Runs and pumps as expected. Tires in good condition. Very strong truck and a really good deal.
$ 5,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1978 Ford E350 Rescue / Utility (R1839)
Check out this 1978 Ford rescue / utility truck! Gas Manual Seats 3 Winch on front bumber
$ 5,000.00