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2005 E-One Cyclone II Stainless steel 2000/1250 (E3263) Print Listing

Inventory # Status Price
E3263 Sold $225,000 USD
Are you looking for a Rescue Pumper for your station? This is the truck for you! With a 1250 gallon poly tank, a massive 2000 gpm pump and less than 20,000 miles on it. This is one deal you cant pass up! call us today to find out more on this beautiful unit.


Super Clean 2005 E-One Cyclone II for sale with low miles.
Detroit Diesel Series 60 475 horse power
Allison Automatic (EVS4000P)
Air Conditioning
Seating for 6 FireFighters
SCBA seating for 5
Shoreline Air w/ auto-eject
On-Spot Snow Chains
Set of regular chains
Fire-Com Head sets w/ wireless driver set.
Data 911 System
1500' of 5" LDH
Crossfire Safe-Tek Deck Gun
--TFT Nozzle
--Stack of tips
(2) 6" Hard Suction
35' Ladder
14' Roof Ladder
10' Closet Ladder
Assortment of Hydrant/Spanner wrenches
Lights, Sirens, Electronic-Q.


Hale 2000 GPM Pump
1250 Gallon UPF POLY Tank
A- Hale Foam Logic 5.0
B- Akron in-line inductor Foam System


Harrison 15KW Generator
(2) 200' reels
Wil-Burt 11'-6" 750W Light Towers
Kussmaul Battery Charging System w/ auto eject.


19276 Miles
1414 Engine Hours
299 Pump Hours
32'-10" Long
10'-10" High
GVWF 21000 lbs
GVWR 31000 lbs
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