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At Fenton Fire we have 3 used Light and Air Trucks listed.

We had listed these trucks under the rescue section but really they are more suited to a separate section like this one where you can view trucks that are designed to either supply clean compressed air for SCBA's or provide light and electricity remotely on a fire or rescue scene. If you dont see the truck you want in this section please take the time to look under " Used Rescue Trucks " as well. There may be the truck you are needing there.

  • 2018 Ram 5500 4x4 Crew Cab (O0782) $121,800.00 USD
    Rapid response rescue truck - pex QRR-125 (Quick Response Rescue) - 12.5 Foot Poly Body with Lifetime Warranty - V8 Gas Hemi Engine - Automatic Transmission - Dual Alternators - Alcoa Wheels - Continental HD All Terrain Tires - Full LED Warning Pkg: - Front Roof Light Bar - Rear LED T/A -...
  • 2016 Ford F450 Rescue (R1820) $78,800.00 USD
    Really nice 2016 Ford Mini Rescue for sale! - gas motor - Automatic - seats 4 - 4x4 - AC - Ford 6.8L - Mako Air Fill Station - DELIVERY INCLUDED!
  • 1988 Ford F800 Scene Lighting Truck (R1597) $11,900.00 USD
    Ford 7.8L Diesel, - Allison AT545 Auto Transmission, - Emergency Sirens and Lights, - Colet Astro 8000BC Rescue, - Stainless / Galvanized Steel Body, - Clean Ex-City Unit

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