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At Fenton Fire we have 2 used Boats, Fire and Rescue listed.

  • Fireboat (B0424) $35,000.00 USD
    Year Built: 1927 (repowered in 1947) - Boat Specifications - Fuel Capacity: 8,290 gallons of diesel - Pumps - (6) Byron Jackson 4-stage centrifugal pumps, powered by GM twin 6-71 diesels, 380 HP, capacity of 16,200 GPM at 120 PSI - (2) Byron Jackson single stage centrifugal pumps, 100 GPM, powe...
  • 1944 US army corps of engineers landing craft. (B0435) $45,000.00 USD
    Full solid aluminum body. - complete with 250 hp motor that has been recently rebuilt. - flat bottom, riveted hull, diamond plated. - Full bow drop. - Extras include new propeller , - boat seat, new winch in box and trailer with new axles. - This is a very well made water craft that will last...

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