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At Fenton Fire we have 3 used Boats, Fire and Rescue listed.

Used Fire Truck: Fireboat (B0424)
Year Built: 1927 (repowered in 1947) Boat Specifications Fuel Capacity: 8,290 gallons of diesel Pumps (6) Byron Jackson 4-stage centrifugal pumps, powered by GM twin 6-71 diesels, 380 HP, capacity of 16,200 GPM at 120 PSI (2) Byron Jackson single stage centrifugal pumps, 100 GPM, powered by 20 HP Westinghouse DC motors Generators (1) 45 HP GM 3-71 3 cylinder diesel, driving 20 kW generator (1) 128 HP GM 6-71 6 cylinder diesel, driving 60 kW generator Propulsion (2) 500 HP GM 8 cylinder supercharged diesels (2) Propellers, 48" diameter (4) Underwater maneuvering jets/thrusters Electronics (1) Furuno primary radar (color display) (1) Furuno secondary radar (monochrome display) (1) VHF radio, Depth sounder Hull Type: Riveted steel plate Firefighting Equipment (8) Monitors (1) Pilot House monitor with 6-1/2" barrel w/3" & 3-1/2" tips (6) Trunk deck monitors w 2" to 3" tips (1) Stern monitor (16) 3-1/2" deck hose ports (1) Under dock magnum size fog nozzle rated at 2,500 GPM
$ 35,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2004 Zumro/Patten Inflatable Rescue Boat (B0436)
Used 2004 Zumro rescue boat for sale. Trailer is included with this boat. Very clean and well maintained. Motor has very low hours on it.
$ 10,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1944 US army corps of engineers landing craft. (B0435)
Full solid aluminum body. complete with 250 hp motor that has been recently rebuilt. flat bottom, riveted hull, diamond plated. Full bow drop. Extras include new propeller , boat seat, new winch in box and trailer with new axles. This is a very well made water craft that will last forever with proper care. Test drive is possible with availability of personnel. Please call with any questions or to set up an appointment for viewing. please note that pics with the bow down are when we had our pump ,which has since been removed. Willingness to negotiate. 30'6"in length.
$ 45,000.00