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Antique Fire Trucks
At Fenton Fire we have 67 used Antique Fire Trucks listed.

Used Fire Trucks: Whelen Strobe II Model 5200-PA  (U0433)
Single Xenon flash tube. Cast aluminum base with stainless steel clamp ring. Remote PSW-1 Hi/Low intensity strobe light control is included. 6 candlepower steady burning cruise light standard. American made high efficiency 100 watt RMS speaker mounted in a tall, heavy gauge, stainless steel base. Sell Price: $695.00 EACH
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call for price
Used Fire Trucks: Southern Vehicle Products  (U0435)
SOUTHERN VEHICLE PRODUCTS Model # 540 Southern Vehicle Products rotator with two clear lamps and blue plastic dome Price: $135
$ 135.00
Used Fire Trucks: PC 50 MOS Foam Nozzle  (U0426)
PC-50 MOS, 500 GPM @ 150 PSI Brass & SS â?? Thread 2 ½â? FNH â?? Weight 22.5 lbs PC-50, Air Aspirating Foam Nozzles are designed to be mounted on fixed or portable monitors and can be used anywhere high capacity foam streams are required. The PC Type Nozzle shall be a monitor mounted air aspirated design for use with all types of foam concentrates. Features: â?¢ High Capacity, air aspirating, monitor mounted foam nozzle. â?¢ Excellent foam production with Protein, Fluroprotein, AFFF & AR-AFFF Type foams â?¢ Brass construction for superior corrosion resistance and wear. â?¢ Fully adjustable pattern for straight stream/spray. â?¢ Superior nozzle reach allows safe placement remote from the hazard. â?¢ Suitable for operating pressures from 50 PSI TO 200 PSI (3.5 bar to 13.8 bar)
$ 1,999.00
Used Fire Trucks: Hardie High Pressure Nozzle  (U0436)
HARDIE HIGH PRESSURE FIRE BOOSTER NOZZLE An Interesting piece of fire history, an antique Hardie High Pressure Fire Booster Nozzle. I know these were used in the 40's and 50's. The handle lock and mechanism all move freely. It definitely has seen some good action in its day. Sell Price: $375.00
$ 375.00
Used Fire Trucks: Antique Hand Operated Pump (U0491)
The hand operated pump is from c. 1850 The entire wooden carrier is in exceptional good condition. Also the copper barrel and the pumps are very good Also with the original water tube
$ 5,500.00
Used Fire Trucks: Antique Fire Truck style Go-Kart (U0621)
Matching ladders are included but not pictured. Electric start, red headlights alternate when flashing, F-N-R gears, all original as far as we can tell except for new tires. Year time frame is 60-70's but we can't locate exactly which year it qas made
Reduced Price
$ 3,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: Antique Fire Extinguisher  (U0440)
Model # FDS Serial # 12223 Foamite American LaFrance Fire Apparatus Extinguisher, all original with hand valve, leather shoulder strap. Sell Price: $600.00
$ 600.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1973 Howe Hot Rod Engine 4x4 1250/1000 (E3128)
seats 4 fire fighters Ford 540 Engine Automatic transmission 4x4
$ 20,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1969 Ford Pumper 750/    (U0445)
Western States Firetruck MFD 1-29-69 SN# 437, 6645 original miles,V-8 engine that runs great.Barton American fire Pump, Sirens and lights all work. Body is in great shape no rust. Interior " fantastic" no rips or tears. comes with cover, Hoses, Nozzles, and Ladders, Rear removable Pump plus many extras
Reduced Price
$ 7,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1969 Ford 500 Engine (U0585)
391 ford Transmission: 5spd manual seats three
$ 5,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1968 Chevy Cabover Pirsch Fire Truck 1500/1000 (U0521)
Gas engine (V8) with automatic Transmission 35â?? foot extension Ladder Passenger side Air Brakes Large Storage Compartments Good tires Lights, Siren and all equipment working. Pump tested locally each year and 2010 was done by certified pump service.
$ 8,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1965 loadstar 500/600 (U0501)
304 international gas, low hours 5 speed clark MAINTENANCE/CERTIFICATION DONE OR REPAIRS NEEDED (needs a little TLC) Solid body and drive train New Brakes Wheel Cyls. Rebuilt transfer case Has air assist for clutch and foam unit Runs, pumps, and drives well
$ 8,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1964 Dodge  790 Dodge pump/300 (U0644)
seats 2 fire fighters Hemi 790 engine manual transmission
$ 3,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1963 Seagraves 750/500 (E3153)
Engine Detroit 6-71n Trans. Allison Auto Tires good Batteries Good Seating /excellent condition
$ 12,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1963 Ford 850 Tanker (E2424)
American La France steel body (3) SCBA seats Ford 390 motor 5 speed transmission
$ 4,900.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1962 Ford (E3063)
seats 3 fire fighters 6 cylinder 4 speed Standard
$ 4,895.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1960 Cushman Fire Scooter (O0865)
18.5 HP only 383 of these made by Cushman value is around $12,500.
$ 7,500.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1959 Chevorlet/Spartan 750/1000 (U0519)
Roney Pumper V-8/Gas 5-Speed transmission Suction Screen (1) Ladders Aluminum- (1) 24â?? Extension - (1) 14â?? Roof
$ 10,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1958 FWD Pumper (U0629)
seats 2 fire fighters FWD Straight 6 unknown
$ 5,500.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1958 American LaFrance 800 Series- Refurbished to Century Cab (U0578)
American LaFrance Seats 5 fire fighters 2-3 SCBAs 220 Cummins 5 Speed Manual Multiple sections of Misc. Hose including one section of hard suction 3-5 SCBA Bottles Galls Wig Wag Flasher Federal Signal Aerodynic Lightbar Sirennet Siren (Whelen Epsilon) X2 Pry Bars Extension ladder X2 Original Wooden Axes that came with the truck
$ 5,750.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1956 S-160 FIRE TRUCK (U0558)
6 cylinders Runs perfect Brakes in good shape Tires in good shape
$ 8,900.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1954 Engine 750/1000 (U0597)
1954 FWD A 80044 steel body Seats 2 fire fighters Mack Thermodyne Straight 6 unk 5 speed Manual 26 foot extension ladder 2 additional tires
Reduced Price
$ 10,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1953 American LaFrance Engine (E2635)
6 cylinder 4 speed auto running condition
Reduced Price
$ 9,250.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1952-1957 industrial fire truck (U0632)
Made by Thomas pump co of Chicago Il. with all equipment ladder pike poles hoses
Reduced Price
$ 5,800.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1950 GMC 300 (U0651)
1950 GMC 300 (U0651) Gas Engine 4 spd. Manual seats 3 fire fighters
$ 5,900.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1950 Ford F6 Engine (E3220)
We are expecting more information on this antique fire truck soon. Please call us if you wish to speak to the seller of this fire truck in the mean time.
$ 2,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1950 Ford American Fire Apperatus Pumper (U0520)
Excellent Condition. Truck has hose, reels, ladder, hooks, bars, siren, antique jaws of life, runs and drives great.
$ 8,500.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1947 Amerian la-France Series 700 100 ft.  (U0614)
continental six cylinder 749 5 speed transmission LADDER LENGTH: 100'
Reduced Price
$ 19,995.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1946 Mack Fire 750/ (U0627)
1946 Mack fire pumper â?? class 750, 4x2 Chassis Model EH Pumper Model 75 Six cylinder gasoline Mack Thermodine 510 CID Five speed transmission with overdrive single speed axle Fully equipped less hose. Complete frame up restoration
$ 59,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1946 Ford Pumper (U0462)
Flathead V8 replaced by 60's Ford 312 CID standard bench seat No additional equipment included other than what is shown in photos
$ 11,111.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1946 Ford ALF (U0477)
Flathead 8 cylinder engine 4 speed transmission
$ 15,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1941 Ford FireTruck (U0657)
Engine is stuck. V8 Flathead Tires were new when it was parked
$ 6,500.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1938 Seagrave Fire Truck 500/ (U0591)
cabs seats 3 fire fighters Gas 66 E7 Engine Manual transmission
$ 45,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1937 Seagraves Pumper Truck (U0636)
Model #900-B-750 Serial #K-3050 Seagrave V12 replaced 1958 Factory Model 900 Engine
$ 20,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1937 Seagrave pumper fire truck (U0613)
Flathead v-12 engine. 6 volt electrical system. Runs. Extra parts for sale also. Wooden ladder
$ 19,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1935 Reo Engine (U0659)
in PARADE READY CONDITION. new brakes, new wiring, NEW BRAKES 250 Gpm PUMP REBUILT.
$ 27,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1933 Seagrave (U0541)
â?¢ Seats 10 in comfort â?¢ Folding steps access â?¢ 6-cylinder Chevy engine with automatic transmission and Allison automatic transmission controls. â?¢ Power steering â?¢ 6 newer tires (less than 1,000 miles) â?¢ New brakes - 2014 (less than 1,000 miles) â?¢ Annual safety inspection by California Highway Patrol.
$ 37,500.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1927 Graham Brothers Dodge/Howe Pumper (U0536)
Served a fire department into the 1960s Currently owned by an Indy collector Original wooden ladders Original fire fighting equipment This antique fire truck is in all original condition and is in MINT condition
$ 79,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1926 Graham Brothers Engine (U0638)
metal and wood seats 2 fire fighters chevy 216 Engine 4 speed transmission
$ 4,500.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1925 Reo Surburan Antique Fire Truck /250 (U0650)
motor was removed and completely rebuilt in 2012 Batteries, brakes and tires in excellent condition. Parade ready.
$ 25,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1925  REO Antique Engine 250/ (U0654)
Motor completely rebuild in 2014 new brakes n battery wiring all new.
$ 27,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1923 GMC Pumper  (U0424)
K-41 GMC Pumper 29 HP 4 Cylinder Gas Motorengine is the original L-Head type manufactured by the Northway motor division of GMC. The transmission for this model is a split range hi-lo trans with 4 lo gears and 4 hi gears plus a pto for the pump. Bench Seat
Reduced Price
$ 10,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1923 American LaFrance Fire Truck (U0655)
This is one beautiful antique truck! Fully brassed out right down to the trim. Built by American LaFrance on a 1923 Ford Model T chassis. has brass tags American LaFrance Registered No. F800. The hose you see in the back is just some hose attached to a board.
Reduced Price
$ 29,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1916 AC Mack Fire Truck (U0656)
1916 AC Mack Fire Truck - Engine: 4 cylinder gas, manual start, magnito firing Gears: 3 forward, 1 reverse Height: 8' from ground to top of rack on back of body 10' from ground to top of brass hose stand on back of body Length: approx. 22' Tires: Balloon tires in Excellent condition
$ 125,000.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1900 Hand pulled hose wagon (O0783)
Ash or Oak spokes all in good condition Wheels are approx 49". The rest is Cast Iron Wirt and knox manufactured the Hub 700 115 years ago. The hubs are embossed W & K.
Reduced Price
$ 980.00
Used Fire Trucks: 1860's reproduction Antique Fire Truck (U0660)
Seats 2 firefighters approximately 9.5 Feet wood Ladder Trailer with electric winch (may be sold without trailer), 1 Large V Shaped valve, misc. hoses - fill back of truck, 2 hose nozzles on back deck, 1 axe, 2 fire extinguishers - cooper, 1 gaffe hook, 1 horse whip (goes in holder), 2 lanterns (next to front seat), 1 wheel stop, 3 vintage leather belts to hold equipment, 2 ramps for trailer, rear lamp holder only, 8 miscellaneous valves - attached in back of truck.
$ 14,700.00